Luma (PC VR Chat Avatar)


All sales are final. It is a digital product and a link with downloadable files will be delivered so no refunds will be issued.

Avatar Features

- Character Height: 1.03 m (3.37 Ft) 


- General Emotes
- Toggleable Tail

What is included in the download package?

-Unity package ready to be uploaded
-FBX file
-Textures in PNG 4K resolution

If you want to add things to the character, contact us in discord or fill out a form in our website!

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How do I upload to VRChat?

  • You need to download UNITY 2019.4.31f1. UNITY
  • Install unity
  • Create a new 3D project
  • Drag and drop the unity package that you downloaded into unity
  • Click import all
  • Open the scene file named with character name
  • Open VRC SDK window and log in your vr chat credentials
  • Upload

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Terms of service

By purchasing this avatar, you may respectfully please agree to the following terms of service:


  • Use the avatar for streaming and Youtube videos whether you monetize or not.
     Edit the model for personal use.
  • Credit us when using it on social media.
  • You can upgrade the avatar features by requesting a quote. In case we can't help, you need an authorization from us to be able to share it with someone who has also purchased it so we can verify it. 


  • Don't use this avatar for commercial purposes.
  • Don't take credit for the avatar.
  • Don't share any of the files provided to anyone.
  • Don't share any modification version of the avatar to anyone.
  • Don't share your download link.
  • Don't use this avatar in any form of dehumanization (racism, hate speech, homophobia, etc.).

You understand that:

  • We reserve the rights to keep the credits of the model and use it for advertisement, games, media, or any other form of content.
  • We are not responsible for any misuse of the model.
  • These terms and description are subject to change anytime without notice.

Payment options:

We accept Pay Pal (International fees included in cost). 


NO refunds on purchased items. All our characters are fully tested to verify they work in the specified platform.


If you find an error or have trouble uploading it contact us so we can help you with the issue. If we can't solve it a refund option will be considered. 

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What's included?

PC Version.
In Game Size:
2.36 MB
Skinned Meshes:
Material Slots:
Physical Bones:
12.6 MB

Luma (PC VR Chat Avatar)

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